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There are many thousands of books written about USA Presidents. According to Businessinsider.com there are about 15,000 books on Abraham Lincoln alone!  USAPresidents has taken on the mission to help narrow this down,  not just for Lincoln, but for every president. By consulting 40+ various website lists, (Shown with links at bottom of this page) we have listed what we feel is only the best! The book reviews (mostly from Amazon)  under each president’s page are in order from best to worst. We base this on how many times they appeared on the various website lists consulted. The book appearing at the top of each page was on the most lists but every book reviewed is on least one of these lists.

Best Of The Best

Of all the books written about the US Presidents, 29 have won a Pulizer Prize.  These are listed below:

2011 Washinton: A Life  By Ron Chernow 

2011 The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery  By Eric Foner 

2009 The American Lion: Andrew Jackson In The Whitehouse  By John Meacham 

2009 The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family  By Annette Gordon-Reed 

2005 Washington’s Crossing  By David Hackett Fischer  

2003 Master Of The Senate (LBJ)  By Robert A. Caro 

2002 John Adams  By David McCullough   Amazon Review

2001 Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation  By Joseph J. Ellis   Amazon Review

1995 No Ordinary Time:Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II   By Doris Kearns Goodwin   Amazon Review

1993 Truman  By David McCullough   Amazon Review

1993 Lincoln At Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America   By Garry Wills   Amazon Review

1992 The Fate Of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties  By Mark E. Neely   Amazon Review

1982 Grant: A Biography  By William McFeely   Amazon Review

1980 The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt  By Edmund Morris   Amazon Review

1975 Jefferson and His Time, Volumns I-V   By Dumas Malone   Amazon Review

1972 Eleanor and Franklin By Joseph P. Lash   Amazon Review

1971 Roosevelt the Soldier of Freedom  By James MacGregor Burns   Amazon Review

1966 A Thousand Days (JFK)  By Arthur M. Schlesinger   Amazon Review

1962 The Making Of the President 1960  By Theodore H. White   Amazon Review

1960 In the Days of McKinley  By Margaret Leech   Amazon Review

1959 Woodrow Wilson  By Arthur Walworth   Amazon Review

1958 George Washington Volumns I-VI  By Douglas Southhill Freeman   Amazon Review

1950 John Quincy Adams and the foundations of American Foreign Policy  By Samuel Flagg Bemis   Amazon Review

1949 Roosevelt and Hopkins  By Robert E. Sherwood   Amazon Review

1940 Woodrow Wilson, Life and Letters, Volumns VII and VIII  By Ray Stannard Baker   Amazon Review

1940 Abraham Lincoln: The War Years  By Carl Sandberg   Amazon Review

1938 Andrew Jackson (Two Volumns)  By Marquis James   Amazon Review

1933 Grover Cleveland  By Allan Nevins   Amazon Review

1932 Theodore Roosevelt  By Henry F. Pringle   Amazon Review


Other Books of note

Not every good book written about the Presidents focus on just one.  Listed below are some great books about multiple presidents.  Some of these books also appear on individual pages and some do not.

“the Presidents-a Reference History” edited by Henry Graff.

Backstairs at the whitehouse

The Presidents Fact Book: The Achievements, Campaigns, Events, Triumphs, and Legacies of Every President

by Roger Matuz , Bill H

Lists Consulted In Determining Best Books:

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